Specialty Piston Compressor Lines: -  - FLX7 -  - Enhanced SD7 -  - Super Heavy Duty
Specialty Piston Compressor Lines:
Enhanced SD7
Super Heavy Duty

Piston Compressors

PX Series Compressors

Sanden's next generation swash plate compressor. PX compressors are durable at higher speeds, have lower noise vibration harshness (NVH), and are variably controlled for maximum environmental benefit.

  • External and internal control - 6 & 7 pistons
  • Internal control type uses pressure valve to regulate compressor displacement
  • External control type varies compressor displacement without using an electromagnetic clutch.


FamilyMin. DisplacementMax. DisplacementMax. SpeedDisplacement Control TypePerformance Curve


127.1cc9200 RPMExternal ControlShow Curve
PXE164.9cc163cc8500 RPMExternal ControlShow Curve
PXV164.9cc163cc8500 RPMInternal ControlShow Curve

SD SERIES Compressors

Sanden's fixed displacement "wobble plate" compressors. Models are available in fixed and variable displacement types.

SDV Series

  • Variable displacement - 6 and 7 piston models
  • Displacement can be varied from 5% - 100% for maximum efficiency
  • Displacement internally controlled by pressure valve
FamilyMin. DisplacementMax. DisplacementMax. SpeedPerformance Curve
SD7V168.1cc161.3cc8000 RPM.Show Curve
SD6V126.2cc125cc8000 RPMShow Curve

SD7 Series


  • Fixed Displacement - 7 Pistons
  • Direct & Ear Mounts Available
  • Variety of Clutch Configurations
  • Flexible Porting Options
FamilyDisplacementMax. SpeedPerformance Curve
SD7H15154.7cc6000 RPMShow Curve
SD7H13129cc6000 RPMShow Curve
SD7B10100cc6000 RPMShow Curve

SD5 Series

  • Fixed Displacement - 5 Pistons
  • Ear Mount
  • Various Clutch & Porting Options
  • Small displacement models available for compact vehicles
FamilyDisplacementMax. SpeedPerformance Curve
SD5H14138cc6000 RPMShow Curve
SD5H11108cc6000 RPMShow Curve
SD5H0989cc6000 RPMShow Curve