Super Heavy Duty SD7

  • Drawing on our extensive experience in the global heavy truck industry, Sanden has developed the Super Heavy Duty or "SHD" specifically for use in the most severe application environments.
  • The SHD features many new or revised components compared to our current SD7H15 compressor, all of which have been designed to provide longer service life with no loss of cooling performance.
  • Mounting features and outer diameter of compressor body are the same as SD7H15
Feature Benefit
1. New long-life clutch, lip seal, and internal bearing package Longer clutch life
2 Revised internal lubricant flow passages Reduced wear on internal components
3 New "fail safe" clutch design prevents loss of the accessory drive belt in the event of A/C compressor or clutch failure
  • The Super Heavy Duty compressor comes as standard equipment on most class 8 trucks produced in North America. Contact our heavy truck sales for more information.